Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Melee Weapons: Daggers

"If it's work you're looking for I would recommend speaking to the two men sitting on the other end of the tavern. The old one goes by Hamlin around here -- but I don't think that's his real name. He comes in with his pal there and usually has a job or two he needs done, usually has to do with business related to criminals that have slipped by the Guards. The other one is Kody, he is an agent of the Thieves Guild in this part of Nein. He can connect you with work that requires more *ahem* subtlety than Hamlin."
--Old Man Trent, Regular at The Red Room in Nein

Daggers are simple one-handed blades used for thrusting. Some Daggers are also used for slashing. Daggers are the most common martial weapon carried by people in Nein as they are easily concealed and do not require much specialized training to use. Also, since large military weapons will draw the attention of the Guard, they especially have utility for those persons who wish to employ subtlety in the deployment of their weaponry.

Daggers are of three common types within the world of Sophia's Children: the Dirk, the Stiletto and the Janbiya.

The Military Dirk or Academy Blade
The Dirk is a short blade that is standard issue for Guards and Soldiers of the Mother Empire. While it also referred to as the Military Dirk, the Dirk is popular amongst non-military citizens of Nein due to its versatility and size. The Dirk is a symbol of martial prowess as all graduates of the Academy receive a personally issued blade -- known as Academy Blades. Non-military issue Dirks are less elaborate, but are just as effective.

The Stiletto or Murder Knife
The Stiletto is a thin blade used for thrusting. It has no edge and is primarily used for puncturing armor, flesh and organs. It was originally a side-arm used by Knights during the Great War where it was known as the Mercy Knife -- the blade would be plunged downwards from the throat to slay a felled opponent who had been crippled upon the battlefield in their armor. In the Modern Era, the Stiletto is now known as the Murder Knife, as it sees much use by Thieves and Assassins in the dispatching of their marks and rivals. The Stiletto excels in its ability to quickly plunge itself into opponents by way of its tapered point and has the benefits of being concealable as other Daggers.

The Hassan Janbiya or Personal Blade
The Janbiya is a traditional Hassan weapon. All men and women of maturity are issued Janbiya as a rite of passage. Indeed, many Hassan families have Janbiyas that have been passed down through many generations. The loss of this Personal Blade is considered a great dishonor and a Hassan will go to great lengths to retrieve it. Even amongst Hassan who never use the Janbiya for combat, the Personal Blade is considered symbolic of their Hassan heritage. The Janbiya itself is a heavy, curved blade. It is primiarly used as a slashing weapon, though it is capable of issuing horrible gouges with its large point. Amongst the Westmen, Janbiya blades are constructed and sold by traveling or settled Hassan Armsmiths, though these versions are of a lesser quality than the heirlooms that circulate through their clans.


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