Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alignment Quiz: A Few More Dilemmas

"Join us tonight. We have no rules. We don't mind that you'll be at Church the next Sunday asking the Messiah for forgiveness, spitting curses at us. This tiny packet of powder, a natural product of the Earth, is all you need to achieve Ecstasy  Yes, take this sample. Taste it. There will be more where that came from tonight. . ."
-'Peace Be Unto You,' High Priest of the Pink Flower Cult

Here are a few more dilemmas from the Alignment Quiz I am developing:

The Bet
Your Family has just won a nice sum of Silver in a Numbers-Lottery held monthly by the local Thief Guild. This Money will afford your Family's expenses for the next Few Months, with some to spare for Savings. When collecting your Winnings the Money-Man advises you that you could Triple your Winnings by participating in a Dice-Game that is just about to start at one of the Taverns nearby.
Do you: 
1) Take your Winnings home to your Family, passing on the Game of Chance, or 
2) Announce tat you Will Play, as the Potential Winnings could make your Family's living situation much More Comfortable.

The Coin
You are walking a Friend back to a Orphanage where he now lives, as his parents had both died several months ago. After seeing him to the door, you see a Gold Coin that had been lodged between two cobblestones on the side of the road.
Do you:
1) Give the Coin to your Friend, or
2) Pocket the Coin without mentioning it.

The Fight
You and a Rival are engaged in a Duel of fisticuffs. The Fight lasts for some time and you are being Cheered on by Friends. Your Rival lands a Powerful Blow that Knocks you to the floor -- you Black Out for a moment. When you come to, you see that your Friends have grappled your Rival and are encouraging you to take a Free Shot.
Do you:
1) Take the Free Shot, it's Too Bad your Rival didn't have his own Allies nearby, or
2) Order your Friends to release your Rival, as he has proven to be the Better Combatant.

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