Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hollow Giant

Gorgonmilk is running another Community Project, d30 Arcane Dwellings. Below is my entry into his Project. He really has some great ideas on his blog, generally. Check him out! Just a side note: My entry is not within the setting of Sophia's Children -- just a whimsy that could be found within any appropriate fantasy setting!

Hollow Giant:
The Hollow Giant is the result of an Animate Dead spell cast on the stitched-together flesh of Titanic Humanoids wrapped around an iron housing. Along with the Hollow Giant proper comes the Command Ring that allow the Wizard to direct the actions of the Hollow Giant, as well as stay in communication with it when away from the dwelling.

The entrance to the Hollow Giant's chamber is through the mouth, which will unhinge to accommodate the entrance and exit of the Wizard -- with a directive through the Command Ring, of course. Once inside, the resident-Wizard will find that within the Giant's enormous ironclad belly is a finely furnished and provisioned single-person dwelling -- fit for study, respite or simply isolating oneself from the Mundane World.

The resident-Wizard within the Hollow Giant should take care and bring plenty of scented oils and salts into the iron housing. The Animation spell, while complete, does nothing for the horrible stench of the dead that the Giant continues to exude. Caveat Emptor!



Gorgonmilk said...

Thanks for the hat-tip, Dane! Btw I really dig this entry. I imagine my campaign needs at least one of them roaming around, inspiring fear in the peasants and whatnot!

Rev. Dane Black said...

Thank you! I like the idea of collaborative projects -- glad I could contribute to it.