Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spell-Magic: The Rules

"Please, call us Thieves. We take what we want. When we want it. And in a manner that is most pleasing to us. To us, it is a term of Honor and must be Earned."
-Shihab the Beggar, Renowned Burglar of the Southerly Nein Thieves Guild

In the previous post on Magic and Magic-users I detailed the basic foundation of a Magic-user's abilities, the Tuning. All Magic-users utilize Spells in concert with their Tuning to create magnificent effects. A Magic-user Memorizes his Spells out of a Spellbook. Each Spell is unique in this manner and is only capable of being Memorized in a single instance by a single Magic-user. As a result, a Magic-user wishing to Memorize multiple copies of the same Spell, must have multiple copies of this Spell in his Spellbook.

The Casting of Spells is called Incanting. Each Spell has a Partial and Full Incantation. The Partial Incantation is a less powerful version of the Spell, but Casting a Spell in this manner does not purge it from the Magic-user's Memory. The Full Incantation is the full expression of the Spell which, when Incanted, erases the Spell from the Memory of the Magic-user.

The Action Point used to Cast the Partial Incantation of a Spell is moved into a Magic-user's Short Reserve. This Action Point is then returned to the Magic-user's total following a full night's Rest (along with adequate nourishment). The Action Point used to Cast the Full Incantation of a Spell is Burned off. A Burned Action Point is only ever returned following the longer Upkeep period -- the month-long period between major excursions of adventures.

A newly minted Magic-user begins play with about four Spells in his or her Spellbook. This may be modified by the Magic-user's Background (which is randomly determined, similar to the Background generated by Race selection). See below for brief descriptions of some of the basic Spells available to Pyromancers and Projectioneers.


Fireball: The Pyromancer generates a large ball of flame in his hand which he then tosses at his foes. This Spell hits reliably across multiple opponents.

Flame Dart: The Pyromancer produces a shiv made of fire that he directs into the target with great accuracy. Useful against single targets.

Application of Fire: A martial application of the Manifestation of Flame. Produces fire upon the Pyromancer's own weaponry or the weaponry of an ally, causing increased damage with the weaponry so enhanced.

Smoke: The Pyromancer quickly Manifests a flame upon any surface that immediately extinguishes itself into deep clouds of black smoke. The Partial Incantation is useful to hide oneself and allies against attacks. The Full Incantation creates a much deeper cloud that can inhibit and even hurt enemies.


Magic Missile: The Projectioneer propels a bolt of his Mind Form into the opponents. Reliable against one opponent. The Full Incantation produces multiple bolts.

Titan's Grasp: The Projectioneer generates a much more powerful and larger version of the Mage Hand that can be used to pin as well as crush an opponent.

Shield: The Projectioneer can create a wall of force with his Mind Form to absorb the attacks of his opponents. This wall of force can be produced upon the Magic-user's allies, too.

Arcane Knife: The Projectioneer generates a knife made of his Mind Form that he quickly drives into an opponent within melee or throws at an opponent at a distance. Is especially deadly if the opponent is being flanked or unawares.

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