Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Calendar & The Ancient Signs

"Many of our Brothers disbanded after the Great Peace. Those that remain with the Baron Houses have grown fat and are glorified chauffeurs. . .We, on the other hand, continue the Old Ways. Though we call no Baron House our Master, we have our Code and stand Watch at the Periphery of Nein. What for? Oh, there are Beasts out here -- Beast of tremendous size as you wouldn't believe. . ."
-Lady Knight Elise of Suffolk, of the Black Dog Brotherhood

The calendar within the setting of Sophia's Children is very much like our own. In this post I will detail the names used for the days of the week, months and astrological signs (which are tied to the months of the year).

The Days of the Week

The days of the week have retained their names for thousands of years. They are named for the astrological bodies of the sky. These were especially revered by the original settlers of Nod. Their Exodus in the Great Arks was guided by the Ancient Navigators who utilized astrology to guide the Great Ships to the western shores.

Sunday: Day of the Sun. The historical Sabbath day.
Moonday: Day of the Moon.
Marsday: Mar's day.
Midweek: Many festivals occur on this day.
Jovesday: Named for the planet Jupiter.
Vernsday: Named for the planet Venus.
Saturday: Named for the planet Saturn.

There are other notable sky bodies that are not so-named in the days of the week: Mercury (closest to the Sun), Nibiru (past Mars and before Jupiter), Rahu (Venus' moon, large enough to be visible from Earth) and Pluto (also know as "The Black Comet" as it passes through the the planets' orbits in an extremely elliptical orbit).

The Months

The months of the year each have special significance associated with the changes of seasons and various religious festivals. The 12 months have an ancient historical basis, as the Old Calendar inherited by the denizens of the Great Ark had brought this system of time keeping with them from Eden. Notably, the two other Tribes who have had regular relations since the Exodus (the Bantu and Hassan) each have the same calendars themselves.

1, Sun's Rebirth: 31 days, begins on Sunday
2, Shining Sun (Month of the): 30 days, begins on Midweek
3, Spring's Usher: 30 days, begins on Vernsday

4, Month of Peace: 31 days, begins on Sunday
5, Harvest's Prepare: 30 days, begins on Midweek
6, Summer's Usher: 30 days, begins on Vernsday

Sophia's Return: Every 4th year a day-long holiday is celebrated off-calendar. This holiday is a recognition of the cultural heritage of all Mankind and their origin in and Exodus from Eden by the Mother-Goddess, Sophia. In practice, however, it is a dramatic affair of the flesh as the last of the warm weather this time of the year stirs the Masses into a carousing frenzy.

7, Dying Sun (Month of the): 31 days, begins on Sunday
8, Harvest's Usher: 30 days, begins on Midweek
9, Autumn's Usher: 30 days, begins on Vernsday

10, Month of Worship: 31 days, begins on Sunday
11, Final Harvest: 30 days, begins on Midweek
12, Winter's Usher: 30 days, begins on Vernsday

The Long Night: The last day of every year is off-calendar. This is typically a day of religious significance, but has also been a traditional day of flagrant debauchery for lay-people. Following The Long Night, the calendar begins with the new year with Sun's Rebirth 1st, Sunday.

"What's your sign?"

Birth Signs are associated with the Astrological Energies and Forms in the Sky. There is a system of pseudo-psychology associated with Birth Signs that has persisted into the modern day. Many of the Weekly Prints run ongoing articles that offer ham-handed platitudes themed by a person's Birth Sign. The Sophists, in their efforts to promote their "Free Choice Science" look disfavorably upon these Signs.

Sun's Rebirth: The Sage. Knowledge of mystery.
Shining Sun: The Fish. Considered practical and creative.
Spring's Usher: The Ram. Fiercely independent, rebellious.

Month of Peace: The Bull. Stubborn and hard working.
Harvest's Prepare: The Lovers. Loyal, but often overly dependent on others.
Summer's Usher: The Mother. Protecting, strong and unyielding to adversaries.

Dying Sun: The Lion. Considered proud, and driven to excel in all things.
Harvest's Usher: The Lamb. Innocent, trusting. Faithful.
Autumn's Usher: The Eagle. Steadfast and secretive. Considered very perceptive

Month of Worship: The Dragon. Knower of ancient things.
Final Harvest: The Warrior. Aptitude for battle and strategy. Quick to anger.
Winter's Usher: The Goat. Connection to the alien and bizarre.

Sophia's Day & The Long Night: Being born on either of these Holidays is considered highly auspicious. Those born on Sophia's Day are between the signs of The Mother and The Lion and are believed to contain a fragment of the Great Goddess in both her Warrior and Maternal Forms. These children are believed to be destined for greatness as warriors and generals, protectors of Mankind.

Those born on The Long Night are between the signs of The Goat and The Sage and are believed to have both an aptitude for the Mysteries as those born under The Sage in addition to an affinity for the bizarre via The Goat. Those so-born are believed to have great aptitude in Magic and are aggressively sought out by the Magic-users for admission into their Orders.


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