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Excerpt: Character Creation

"Upon the arrest of a person who is believed to be a user of Magic, the Manacles will be replaced by the No-Gloves. The prisoner's hands and fingers will first be slipped into the gauntlets. Once the prisoner's hands are fully within the No-Gloves, the crank and cables upon the gauntlets' bracers will be tightened -- this will pull the fingers of the No-Gloves into a fist, but in the opposite direction of natural functioning. . .

After a full physical inspection of a prisoner who is believed to be a user of Magic, the physical site of their Tuning will be found a large a scar upon the body. Mostly this scar will be somewhere along the spine or back of the skull, sometimes the chest, above the sternum. If no such scar is found, the No-Gloves should be loosened and removed and the Jail's Surgeon should reset the hands of the prisoner. . .

A Magic-user, so bound, will find it impossible to direct their energies despite their Tuning being intact. Upon the decision of the Judges following trial, all Magic-users will be turned over to their Order, who may or may not issue their own punishments, up to and including De-Tuning."
-From the Manual for Guardsmen on handling Magic-users

Below is an excerpt from the Character Creation draft. The first portion of a character's Background is formed by their Birth Statement, which is below in draft form. You use the 6-sided die for this process. Rolling once and then again. Note: The Personality and Appearance types indicated by Birth Sign are broad categories -- there is a separate procedure for Personality and Appearance that utilizes these categories.

The Birth Statement

1: You were born in the beginning of the year...
1: ...early in Sun's Rebirth
2: ...mid Sun's Rebirth
3: ...late in Sun's Rebirth
...under the Sign of the Sage: +1 Intellect, Odd Personality
4: ...early in Shining Sun
5: ...mid Shining Sun
6: ...late in Shining Sun
...under the Sign of the Fish: +1 Intellect, Plain Appearance

2: You were born early in in the year... 
1: ...early in Spring's Usher
2: ...mid Spring's Usher
3: ...late in Spring's Usher
...under the Sign of the Ram: +1 Agility, Rough Personality
4: ...early in The Month of Peace
5: ...mid The Month of Peace
6: ...late in The Month of Peace
...under the Sign of the Bull: +1 Strength, Plain Appearance

3: You were born towards the middle of the year...
1: ...early in Harvest's Prepare
2: ...mid Harvest's Prepare
3: ...late in Harvest's Prepare
...under the Sign of the Lovers: +1 Agility, Comely Appearance
4: ...early in Summer's Usher
5: ...mid Summer's Usher
6: ...late in Summer's Usher
...under the Sign of the Mother: +1 Strength, Charming Personality

4: You were born after the middle of the year... 
1: ...early in Dying Sun
2: ...mid Dying Sun
3: ...late in Dying Sun
...under the Sign of the Lion: +1 Strength, Comely Appearance
4: ...early in Harvest's Usher
5: ...mid Harvest's Usher
6: ...late in Harvest's Usher
...under the Sign of the Lamb: +1 Agility, Charming Personality

5: You were born late in in the year... 
1: ...early in Autumn's Usher
2: ...mid Autumn's Usher
3: ...late in Autumn's Usher
...under the Sign of the Eagle: +1 Agility, Odd Personality
4: ...early in The Month of Worship
5: ...mid The Month of Worship
6: ...late in The Month of Worship
...under the Sign of the Dragon: +1 Intellect, Strange Appearance

6: You were born at the end of the year... 
1: ...early in Final Harvest
2: ...mid Final Harvest
3: ...late in Final Harvest
...under the Sign of the Warrior: +1 Strength, Rough Personality
4: ...early in Winter's Usher
5: ...mid Winter's Usher
6: ...late in Winter's Usher
...under the Sign of the Goat: +1 Intellect, Strange Appearance

A Depiction of a Dragon being fended off by a Warlord's Garrison

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