Monday, February 4, 2013

The Alignments. . .Part 2

"In the First Book of the Law it is written that Sophia was among us in Three Sacred Forms: that of the Child, the Warrior and the Grandmother. These forms correspond to the three Modes of Being inside all of Mankind, in that we are Her creations. The Mute Child is innocent indulgence and gathers to Herself, in her curiosity, all nourishment and pleasure -- even beyond Her ability to consume it. The War Maiden sees only Adversary and Ally, Friend or Foe. The Blind Crone sees the Balance in all things as Her milky vision is unhampered by visceral sight. It was only in Her Three Forms that Sophia could teach us the relative value of each Mode of Being."
-Gregor the Curate, Sophist at the Old Nein Asylum

In the game, as it stands, there is a nine-fold alignment system, but it lacks any "Neutrality." I have introduced replacements for Neutral in both the Law-Chaos and Good-Evil binaries. Below I have included a brief description of how these operate as alignments within the game.

The Three Methods

Order & Lawfulness: Those who hail to Lawfulness as their Method of action look to Reason, Principles, Organization and Logical Concluding as their guiding lights. Civilization, even with its imperfections, is seen as the ultimate expression of Intelligence, next to the other Methods. Lawful characters hold intelligence and reasonable decision-making above all else.

The Chaotic Method: Those who hold Chaos as their Method respect only Opportunity. There is an unformed Void in each and every moment where the Most Advantageous choice can be discovered. Intuition and Guile are the High Virtues. Organization in its various forms is only as valuable as the advantages it creates and may be reformed and destructed as needed and at-will.

Power & Dominance: The adherents of Power see only Might as Right. The winning Method is the one in which the Greatest Strength is found. Ideas and even Feelings are simply stories the Weak tell themselves so as to rationalize their loss to the Strong. The Dominant character values Strength, whether it be personal or political power, above all things.

The Three Modes

Goodness, To Thrive: The Good Mode of Being is for the greatest benefit for All, even for those where this creates no reciprocal benefit. Good characters see the value in promoting the Common Welfare and look the cohesiveness of the Group. Good characters oppose those who would sabotage these efforts.

Evilness, To Consume: The Evil Mode of Being is for the greatest benefit for the Self, even at the cost to others. All relationships are ephemeral: to the extent that they are useful for the moment. Group cohesion is a tool and not an end in and of itself. It is used only to serve the ends of the Evil person. The interpersonal conflict of the Evil character is paradoxical: they are all-at-once opposed to all (since they ultimately serve only themselves) and in alliance with all (since everyone is a possible proxy for personal benefit). In reality, they are in relationship only with themselves and their own ravenous appetites.

Dexter, Oppose the Sinister: The Dexter Mode is in opposition to the Sinister -- the Adversary. These characters value Survival of the Tribe above all else and will destroy those that inhibit this survival. Dexter characters see the world in black & white: there are good things that promote survival and there are bad things that endanger it. These characters will cooperate in groups, but will resist attempts to compromise and will exterminate perceived discord and Adversaries with extreme prejudice.

The Nine Alignments

Lawful Good: It is through Reason, Principles and Intelligent action that the Greatest Good for all beings will be achieved. Those that seek to usurp the Law or abuse the weak will be dealt with justly.

Lawful Evil: Manipulation and calculated deceit are used to achieve the fulfillment of the carnal appettite. Will use Intelligence and Reason to defeat one's foes, but prefers to turn foes into friends (turn them out).

Lawful Dexter: The Intellect is what really ensures our surival. Reflective insight will reveal who is with us and who is against us.

Chaotic Good: There are opportunities to promote the common welfare everywhere, you just have to look hard enough. Sometimes these methods may seem strange are even illegal to others, but what matters is that lives have been saved and the weak have been protected.

Chaotic Evil: All that matters is the appetite. Other people are opportunities to quench the everlasting thirst.

Chaotic Dexter: Survival is a creative effort and the methods employed to promote survival are often unorthodox. Whenever or whatever opportunities life throws at you, take it if it means an advantage for you and your ken!

Dominant Good: It is only through political or personal Force that the weak can be protected from predators. Seeks to ensure the Greatest Good for All through Power -- and will fiercely oppose those that would usurp these efforts.

Dominant Evil: The quickest way to get what you want is to take it. All the better if you can press-gang others into to taking it for you!

Dominant Dexter: Outsiders can't be trusted and the surest way to survive is through displays or power. Will quickly strike out against those they see as a threat.

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