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Spell-Magic & Magic-Users

Within the world of Sophia's Children the Magic-users organize themselves into Orders. Though all PCs begin as Level 0 Commoners, they will choose the course of their Class at Level 1. Once selecting Magic-user as Class, the next choice to make will be the particular Order the character trained within. There are three known Orders upon Nod, though there may be many others across the settlements of Mankind upon the Earth. For instance, it is known that the Bantu have their own Orders of Magic-users in their Home country who differ from the Adepts, Pyromancers and Conjurists of Nod.

Orders tends to be clandestine in their dealings with other Orders, but will unite as one force if they feel as if their mutual security has been threatened. All Orders recognize the Divinity of the Messiah, indeed, it was they who were most helpful in ensuring the compliance of the Baron Houses when the Messiah staged her coup 2000 years ago.

In the initial iteration of the game there will be two Orders of Magic-users available for selection: the Pyromancers and the Adepts. Pyromancers belong to The Order of The Flame, whereas Adepts belong to The Order of The Hand.

All Magic-users receive their Tuning at the climax of their Magical Training. Following this, they will be able to utilize their Tuning for both spontaneous effects and the casting of Spells.

The Tuning

The Magic-user must maintain their Tuning utilizing the techniques learned at their Order. Separate from Level of Class, a Magic-user must also track the Level of their Tuning, which begins at Level 1 for a Level 1 Magic-user.

In addition to Tuning's Level, a Magic-user has a degree of Attunement with that Level of magical ability. Attunement is a measure of power, focus and resonance. If a Magic-user uses his Tuning for any purpose throughout the course of a day, he must make an Attunement check when Resting. Failing this check results in the decay of the Attunement by 1 point. If a Magic-user ever loses his final point of Attunement, his Tuning level drops by 1 and his Attunement is reset to 10.

Magic-users can replenish their Attunement, in addition to raising their Level of Tuning by way of rest, study, lengthy Rituals and Ordeals within their Order's Tower. A Magic-user may raise their Level of Tuning only up to their Class Level, I.E.: A Level 3 Magic-user can raise their Tuning up to Level 3.

Each Tuning, in addition to enabling the Memorization of Spells associated with its type, allow for three spontaneous abilities. Effortless abilities require that an Action Point be moved into the Magic-user's Short Reserve -- which is replenished almost immediately following any turn where no Action Points are spent.

Concentration abilities require that an Action Point be moved into the Long Reserve -- replenished following an overnight Rest. Concentration abilities last as long as the Magic-user maintains his concentration, but also end immediately upon losing consciousness for any reason due to sleep, death, etc.

The most powerful spontaneous effect is the Manifestation, which lasts for a period of time without concentration according to the Level of the Magic-user's Tuning. This Burns an Action Point that is only returned after the Magic-user takes an extended rest during Upkeep, a period of about one month. Only one Manifestation may be in effect at a time.


A Pyromancer's Tuning is referred to as Pyromancy. Following the Tuning of this Order, a Pyromancer will have the ability to channel flame through his nervous system from the Flame which has been Implanted in his Brain. The most powerful means of which is through the Energy Points in the hands.

The Effortless ability of Pyromancy is the Spark. A Pyromancer can, through their hands, cause a flash of light that can kindle flammable materials. This Spark gives off light, as well as smoke -- the creative Magic-user will utilize his Spark in variety of ways.

The Concentration effect of Pyromancy is Light or Heat. A Pyromancer can maintain a source of Light that emanates from their body or a center of Heat. This locus must be on or within the body.

The Manifestation effect of Pyromancy is the Flame. All Pyromancer's can, through burning off a portion of their willpower (I.E.: Action Points), manifest a Flame that emits both light and heat into the environment. The size and force of this Flame depends on the Level of Tuning, as well as the length of time this Flame persists.


An Adept's Tuning is known as Projectionism. The Adept can exert his Mind Form beyond his Gross Form (what Adept's call their physical body) to impact the world with physical force Unseen.

The Effortless ability of the Adept is the Push. An Adept can, through their hands, create a physical force similar to a one-handed push or one-fingered press. The Magic-user must be able to see the target of his Push.

The Concentration effect of Projectionsim is called the Mage Hand. Through concentrated effort, the Adept can perform more fine manipulation and heavy lifting, though nothing more than a single hand's worth of ability can be performed in this manner.

The Manifestation effect of the Adept is the Unseen Servant. The Adept releases a large portion of his Mind Form, which can then act independently of the Magic-user for a period of time dependent on the Level of Tuning. The Unseen Servant can act with the force and ability of a whole person, though more martial applications of the Unseen Servant require Spell-Magic. This Servant must remain within eye sight of the Adept.

The Adepts are well known for weaponizing slivers of their Mind Form through Spell-Magic, which takes many diverse forms depending on the Spell used.


Though Magic-users utilize their Tuning's basic manifestation to perform magic that suits their general purposes. The more specialized and especially martial applications of the ability is through Spell-Magic. This fearsome force was organized to great effect during the Great War over 2000 years ago. Armies replete with Knights, Mage-Knights and Magic-users belonging to the Warlord Houses did battle with both Eldritch Energies and Steel.

In my next post I will go into more detail regarding the process and mechanics of Memorization, Incantations and Spellcraft -- the process by which Magic-user acquire, create and modify their Spells.

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