Monday, March 25, 2013

Weapons & Ores

I'm changing tact on this blog for the time being. I feel as if I've been able to locate my "narrative voice" and will be leaving out the quotations at the beginning of my blog posts. I have posted some more stories on here since I made that commitment and I think, for the time being, I will be separating the fiction-based posts from my gaming-based posts more clearly.

So, this is a gaming-based post. I will be discussing the Weapons and how they interact with Ores. Weapons, within the setting and ruleset of Sophia's Children, can degrade over time, break completely and also be reinforced through Ores -- resources that a Armsmith can hammer into your Weapons. My goal is to create an entire subgame oriented around Weapons, their maintenance, creation and reinforcement.

I have settled on a simple and minimally-fantastic set of materials that Weapons are made from. They are as follows:
  • Copper & Bronze: A cheap material that is still used for tools and crude weaponry.
  • Iron & Steel: The most common material used. Reliable, relatively cost-effective.
  • Adamant: A super-strong material derived from iron. It comes in several qualities. The most basic form is known as "Hassan Steel" and its furnishment is known to the Hassan people. More advanced forms are taken from the Ancient Cities themselves.
  • Carmot: A legendary material lost to time. Delvers have hauled troves of this substance from the Ancient Cities. Great weapons of unknown make have also been discovered forged of this substance as well. It appears to be sort of ceramic or stone, but can be worked into shapes as Steel/Adamant. Carmot comes in several "colors" that are indicative of how "refined" it is. The simplest forms of Carmot, while powerful, cannot be repaired -- the most powerful forms can be reinforced with Ore made from this legendary substance.
Weapons within the setting are made of one of these substances, each of which has a few degrees of quality. The quality of a Weapon's make dictates the degree to which it can be upgraded with Ores. For example: Copper Weapons can not be upgraded at all, Iron Weapons can only receive one Dense Iron Ore.

All Weapons are also subject to Durability loss. Durability is checked whenever Resting for each piece of equipment that has seen use since the last Rest. For Weapons, this means for each Weapon that was used for combat in the interim. I will post more extensively about this system in the future, but basically this a 1d6 roll. If a 5 or higher, no Durability is lost. If less than 5, 1 point is lost. 

When a Weapon loses its last point of Durability it becomes Cracked. When a Weapon becomes Cracked it either 1) loses the benefits of its Ores/Upgrades or 2) functions as a base Weapon of the previous quality level if it has no Ores/Upgrades installed.

A Weapon when Cracked, can still be used, but risks being Broken and lost entirely. The Durability check for a Cracked Weapon is made the same as before, but instead loses 1 point of Durability from its Maximum. When a Weapon loses its last point of Maximum Durability it is Broken and lost forever.

The exception here are Copper/Bronze Weapons which will Break when losing their final point of Durability. A Bronze Weapon that has been reinforced with Bronze Ore will NOT Break, but loses the benefit of its reinforcement until it can be repaired.

Here are some example Weapons of each Quality type.

Copper Sword (Arming Sword): +1 Attack, 1d6 Damage, Scaling Grade: 0.5 * Better of Strength or Agility. Requires: Strength 1. Durability: 2 of 2. Cannot be Reinforced.

Bronze Axe (Battle Axe): +0 Attack, 3d6 Damage, Scaling Grade: 1.0 * Strength. Requires: Strength 2. Durability: 2 of 2. Reinforced: Sharp Bronze Ore (+1 Attack).

Iron Hand Axe (Hand Axe): +0 Attack, 2d6+2 Damage, Scaling Grade: 1.0 * Strength. No Requirements. Durability: 3 of 3. Reinforced: Dense Iron Ore (+1d6 Damage).

Steel Flanged Mace (Mace): +3 Attack, 2d6 Damage, Scaling Grade: 2.0 * Strength. Requires: Strength 2. Durability: 3 of 3. Reinforced: Sharp Iron Ore (+1 Attack), Smooth Iron Ore (+0.5 Scaling Grade).

"Hassan Steel" (Adamant, Simple) Saif: +4 Attack, 2d6 Damage, Scaling Grade: 1.0 * Better of Strength or Agility. Requires: Strength 3. Durability 4 of 4. Cannot be Reinforced.

Red Carmot Claymore: +2 Attack, 3d6 Damage, Scaling Grade: 3.0 * Strength. Requires: Strength 4. Durability: 5 of 5. Can receive two Carmot Ore Reinforcements.

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