Saturday, February 2, 2013

Example Combat. . .Part 1

"Your God has failed you. Law down your arms and Convert -- NOW -- or face Oblivion! Become All-One or become None!"
-Brother Michael, Get of Aaron, Paladin of the All-One Church

I would like to post an example combat on this blog, just to help explicate some of the rules I have discussed up to this point. For this example combat I will demonstrating how some of the procedures I have discussed previously sit together, in addition to explicating other procedures I have yet to explain.

The goal of my design in the combat system is two-fold: 1) establish a flowing system that requires little-to-no referencing and is in parallel with natural conversation, 2) gives all characters a full range of options without artificially restricting the options within a "skill" or "feat" system.

In some ways I am trying to model what a combat system would look like from the perspective of fictional characters within the worlds of Zork, Adventure and other, older games. These characters could perform just about anything that could be imagined, but within limits. 

I do not presume to have accomplished anything just yet. I have created spreadsheets, crunched numbers, referenced all sorts of other games, thought extensively. I am still seeking (IRL) play testers and -- obviously -- blogging about the system will hopefully elicit feedback that will refine the system.

Without further ado, here are the combatants in the example combat. For sake of showing the combat-only, I have simplified the stat blocks focusing only on the combat-relevant stats. In addition, the stat blocks are representative of a PC versus two "Monsters" (though the monsters in this example are two human thugs).

Jones is a young Westman Fighter, a Mercenary. Jones is armored in a light suit of simple plate and mail. She is wielding an iron buckler -- a light shield -- and a hard bronze arming sword. She has the following statistics.

Jones, Level 1 Fighter 
Strength 2 Agility 3 Intellect 1
Hit Dice 19+2d6 Max Hit Points 25+6 Max Action Points 4
Armor Class 9 Special Resistance 6 Damage Reduction 1
Current Hit Points 31 Current Wounds 0
Current Action Points 4 Reserve Action Points 0 / 0

Weapon Proficiency, Sword
Advanced Attack (requires Poise), Cutting StrikeSword Melee Attack, causes Bleeding (Normal Save, Agilityx1 Damage)
Power Attack, Deeper Cut: Sword Melee Attack, half-damage on Miss / causes Bleeding on natural-2 Hit (Normal Save, Agilityx1 Damage)

Iron Buckler: Light Shield, +1 Damage Reduction, Blocking: Easy Stun Save
Light Plate & Mail: Heavy Armor, -1 Special Resistance, +6 Max Hit Points, Dodging: Hard Stun Save
Hard Bronze Arming Sword: +4 Attack, 1d6+3 Damage, Parrying: Normal Stun Save

Jones is faced with a pair of street toughs who have been robbing a local grocer's coffers on a weekly basis. She is acting on contract through the Privateer Guild and is hoping to collect a bounty on their heads -- so the Guardsmen will not intercede unless, of course, the Guardsmen she runs into are in the back-pockets of the Thief Guilds. . .

The street toughs are wearing hardened leather doublets with boots and gloves. One is dual-wielding a pair of daggers -- the other, the tougher looking of the toughs -- is wielding a heavy head-mace.

"Cutter," Level 1 Soldier 
Strength 2 Agility 2 Intellect 0
Armor Class 10 Special Resistance 6 Damage Reduction 0
Hit Points 10 / 10

Dirty Backstab x1 (requires Flank): Melee Attack, Damagex2 / causes Pain on natural-2 Hit (Agilityx1)
Hide & Prepare  x1: become Hidden until next attack / start Guarding.

Pair of Jagged Dirks: +3 Attack, 6 Damage, extra Basic Attack on natural-2 Hit, Parrying: Easy Stun Save
Hard Slumming Leathers: +2 Armor Class, Dodging: Normal Stun Save 

"Bopper," Level 1 Soldier 
Strength 2 Agility 1 Intellect 1
Armor Class 9 Special Resistance 7 Damage Reduction 0
Hit Points 12 / 12

Big Hit x2: causes Stun / Damagex2 on natural-2 Hit

Two-handed Bantu Head Mace: +3 Attack, 13 Damage, Parrying: Normal Stun Save
Hard Slumming Leathers: +2 Armor Class, Dodging: Normal Stun Save

In the next post I will explicate the initial encounter between Jones and the Toughs!

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