Friday, February 15, 2013

Some Quotations, As I Forgot!

I owe the Blog three quotations as I got carried away with the last three posts without an introductory quote! Well, here we go:

"They remove our tongues at the age of maturity. We are then considered fully-vested in our service to the Masters. And I have drank from the cup of the Master and seen the Old Memories and what we once were to them -- how sad. . ."
-Hafa Al-Salah, female Thrall from the Silent Kingdoms, adopted by the Al-Salah Clan. Translated by her sister, Duha Al-Salah, from the hand signals of the Thrall Cant..

"This old mutt? His name is Frank. You City folks don't know the value of a good dog by your side. You do know they understand our speech, right? He can't speak back, but he has ways of communicating with me. Frank helps me shop and even gets me my copy of the Weekly Nein on Sundays."
-Old Man Trent, Regular at The Red Room in Nein

"The Wolfhound is a hybrid Dog and Wolf. They have the intelligence of a Dog, but without its civilized nature, and the ferocity of a Wolf, but without its natural urges. The hybrid has both the ferocious jaws of the Wolf with the dexterous forelegs and paws of the Dog. But the mixing results in a breed larger than either Dog or Wolf. . . 
The Killings? The Wolfhound kills for pleasure. There is an illness in the mind of the Wolfhound when they are born, being fixated on both Man, Dog and Wolf, Slaughtering until one of us finally puts it down."
-Anna of Suffolk, the Hunter

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