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Issues of Race: The Westmen

Within the world of Sophia's Children Race is thought of in a different way than we may think of it in the real world. I have introduced degrees of Ethnocentrism, Racism (as Colorism) and Xenophobia in the game world. All of which is an effect of the unique history of Mankind and, to a degree, the Giants.

In this post I want to elaborate in some more detail the Exoteric history of the world. Indeed, there is an Esoteric history I have extensively drafted behind this, but this will only be hinted at. Let's start with Mankind and what is know by the Westmen and Hassan -- the two major cultures upon Nod.


Approximately 10,000 years ago Mankind lived as Six Tribes in the land of Eden. The Six lived in Peace with the Great Goddess Sophia. Sophia Lorded over Mankind with benevolence with her Three Sacred Forms: The Child, The Warrior and the Grand-Mother.

Much of what this was like is wrapped in Myth and Mystery. The only historical document of this time is The Book of the Law (Now known as The First Book. . . after the Messiah developed The Second Book of the Law.). Supposedly a dictated text, written by Mankind from the words of Sophia Herself. The historicity of this text is often challenged as there is much in the way of allegory and metaphor throughout.

There was a Cataclysm around this time that is, again, written about in metaphor ("And the Waters stirred and gave up their Secrets."). Modern Man really doesn't give the nature of this Cataclysm much thought. It is known that Sophia sacrificed Herself to allow Mankind to escape. Each Tribe embarked on a great journey to different a shore of Eden with The Book of the Law which contained instructions on: how to construct a Great Ark that would sail their Tribe across the Waters, alchemical instructions for Preservative -- a paste that provides minimal nutrition but preserves food products indefinitely, as well as methods of separating salt from water with Hydrator -- a powder that creates potable water.

These instructions are nearly indecipherable to a person not trained in interpreting these texts, but the basis of Alchemy and Engineering are found in this single book -- though there has been much scholarship since that antiquated time. The Most Important Instruction within the The Book of the Law is for The Bitter Medicine or Mint as it is also called. This is Most Important because of Mankind's Flaw -- that they cannot conceive children without the use of this Alchemical product.

The Modern Age

That is History and Ancient History and Myth, but understanding that gives the reader a lens with which to understand how each culture and race of Mankind interact. There is a natural kinship between all Men, as they all come from the same source -- but there is strife and prejudice which is much more an effect of the history between the time of Eden and the Modern Age.

The Westmen, in modern parlance, differentiate each other by way of the colloquial terms White, Red and Black. The White Westmen are pale in complexion with fair blond or platinum hair. Their eyes are pale to brilliant blue in color. The Baron Houses, known as Warlords during the Great War, were made up of White Westmen. To this day, the Baron Houses -- though they were stripped of their militaristic hegemony by the Messiah, continue to seek racial purity by way of controlling the the breeding of their members. White is the color of Power, according to the Baron Houses. In the Vulgar parlance of Baron House members and their Sycophants a non-White person is referred to as Painted. It is considered fashionable to this day amongst the wealthy to powder the face, neck and bosom. Along with these cosmetics, brilliant white gloves and grand powdered wigs are worn.

The Red Westmen are also pale in complexion, but with hints of pink or redness in their skin -- often when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. A full half of Red Westmen are also freckled in distinct patterns upon the face, back, chest and extremities. Their hair colors range from a fiery-orange all the way to a deep blood-red. The eyes of Red Westmen range from gray to brilliant green in color. By history, the Red Westmen were the servant caste of the Warlords that originally conquered Nod. The two castes, White and Red, knew their station by way of their physical characteristics. In the Modern Age such distinctions have been discarded. The Red Westmen have rich histories and traditions connected to the times where they were held in poverty by the Warlords, but in all tiers of life -- in the Modern Age -- are found the Red Westmen. Red Westmen will refer to themselves as Red, but consider the term Painted Vulgar -- as it is intended as such.

The Black Westmen are those Westmen who had joined with Hassan families. Most Black Westmen are found towards the East of the Mother Empire, but Black Westmen make their homes all over. The Black Westmen have rich traditions that combine the culture of the Westmen and the Hassan people -- often stretching back hundreds of years. To this day, Black Westmen will often keep the Tribal Name of the Hassan family their Westmen ancestors joined with (E.G.: Al-Mahhd, Al-Adan, Al-Rafiq) in addition to their modern Westman surname -- though this differs from the Hassan people proper who receive their Tribal Name based on the ruling Patriarch or Matriach at the time. The Black Westmen are pale as other Westmen, but do not become ruddy in the sun, but tan. Their hair color varies from dark browns to raven-black. Eye color varies from hazel, brown or even gray.

In my next post, I will discuss in more detail of Race as it applies to the Hassan.

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