Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Ethical Dilemmas

"They call themselves 'Magic-users' -- how sterile! They call us Witches, but have no understanding. They crow about our Methods, that we consort with Demons -- our Familiars -- for our Spell-magic, but if they really knew where their own powers came from they'd jump out the tops of their Towers from the Madness!"
-Gabriella the Witch

Here a few more of the Ethical Dilemmas for my little subgame that occurs during Character Creation. As of right now here are the steps in the process:

  1. Roll for Birth Sign (adds +1 to an Ability Score, set one of either Appearance or Personality).
  2. Select Race (adds +1 to an Ability Score with a randomness indicated by Race).
  3. Roll for Background as indicated by Race (adds +1 to an Ability Score, confers starting equipment and two Level 0 Abilities).
  4. Select Appearance and Personality (one of which must be within the category dictated by Birth Sign).
  5. Test for Alignment.

For the initial iteration of the game there will two Races: the Westmen and Hassan. Both of these Races are closely related historically upon the continent of Nod, though the City of Nein lays within the Mother Empire of the Westmen proper. The initial Classes will be the Fighter, Magic-user and Thief.

Anyways, I wanted to post a few more of the Ethical Dilemmas for the Alignment Test. Again, I have developed an alternate Alignment system (read more about it here and here) which differs from the original Dungeons & Dragons system in two major ways: 1) there is a third component to both Lawful-Chaotic and Good-Evil that is not an average or compromise of the binary -- but an expansion of the binary into a third ethical or moral dimension, and 2) Alignment is an immutable element of a character's Soul, Psyche or Mind which can be resisted, compromised with or embraced -- how a player may roleplay this is an element of the game. E.G.: A player may have their character be Lawful Good, yet mercenary in his methods -- frequently wracked with guilt. Or a player may have their character be Chaotic Dexter, uncompromisingly mercenary with no guilt at all!

The Woman
You are helping a neighbor transport provisions for resale in the Free Market. While roping the carts and oxen you catch a Young Woman stealing two bundles of food from one of the carts. Do you: 1) Warn her that she should turn over your neighbor's property or you will hail the Guard, or 2) Let her go without mentioning the incident to your neighbor.

The Master
While shopping in the Free Market there is a commotion as a Large Man shouts and whips another Man to the ground. "I am your Master and you will obey!" shouts the Brute. You are abashed as the two Men are directly in front of you -- the Master looks directly into your eyes. Do you: 1) Silently nod and turn away, recognizing the power of the Master, or 2) Call attention to the abuse by shouting for the Guard.

The Party
You are in attendance at a grand party hosted by a wealthy friend. It is raucous with a bevy of libertines, masked carousers and much in the way of food and drink. While following an invitation to privately sample some imported Ether with a particularly attractive attendee your friend approaches you, announcing that a Guild Master in attendance has agreed to speak to you regarding your business proposal. Do you: 1) Go with your friend to discuss your long-planned business matter with the Guild Master, or 2) Ignore your friend, as you continue on to meet with the desirable stranger you met earlier in the evening.

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