Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Westmen: Sample Backgrounds

One of several Messianic churches in Nein.
(As a writing exercise, I will begin including "quotations" from the various personalities I am creating within the setting of Sophia's Children.)

"Priests? No, we are Ministers to the People. Sophia's Wisdom is for all that would submit to Baptism, not the elitist methods the Messianic Church employs. What? No, we are very friendly with the Church and Mary, may Sophia's Grace be upon her, is Most Certainly the Messiah, God's Messenger. . . We just have different opinions on how that message gets carried out. . ." -Brother Rudolph the Peddler, Baptist Minister

Upon generating the Six Traits for your character: Strength, Agility, Intellect, Appearance, Personality and Alignment, it is time to generate a Background. A Background is a one-sentence summation of how your character's life has been up to the present. Roll Then Choose one of the Background indicated by your selection of Race -- or make up your own!

Westmen: Roll 1d20 and go to the number indicated on the one's digit as your Background.

1: Adopted and raised by an older relative who is an outrageous hermit, but also an accomplished Magic-user.
2: Your wild parents are both adventurers, now retired, and you were raised in the wealthy merchant districts where they live relatively comfortably off the spoils of their past adventures that they always tell you about.
3: You hail from one of the wealthy Baron Houses and though you frequently venture off the estate seeking adventure, your family has their own very boring plans for you.
4: You were raised by your mother from a young age as your father, a Sergeant of a Garrison in the City's military, left many years ago on campaign never returning.
5: You are part of large, very extended family of farmers and lived outside of the City most of your childhood, although you've always been intensely curious of it.
6: Orphaned at a young age, you made due on the tough streets of the City with your cunning, making some allies, making more enemies along the way.
7: You were raised in one of the City's orphanages run by the Clergy and Curates of the Messianic Church and are still close with some of your guardians to this day.
8: You come from a family of wealthy Merchants and Guildsmen who are putting a lot of pressure on you to "make your own fortune" as you've come of age.
9: You were adopted by a High Priest of the Messianic Church and lived a very sheltered yet structured childhood, as she took pains to thoroughly home school you between her responsibilities with the Church.
0: Orphaned in your youth, you were taken in by an Opium Dealer and served as his "look out" in exchange for room and board -- he was kind to you, but wretched to his "customers."

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