Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Magical Rings

Magical Rings of Power are a rare find, typically found deep within the Ancient Cities and rarely traded amongst Men. The strange energies contained within these seeming pieces of jewelry are highly varied and unpredictable. Men and Gods alike jealously guard these magical devices.

In order to access the power within a Magical Ring, it must be "attuned" to the wearer. While the exact reasons why this needs to happen or what mechanism is behind this is unknown, it is known that wearing the Ring during a complete night's rest will attune it to the wearer. The energies inside the Ring will infect the dreams of the wearer offering some clue to the Ring's function -- the wearer of the ring awakens with an intuitive knowledge of the function of the ring. The dreams reported by run the gamut: a shadowy figure speaks directly to them for a year, an ancient tome is discovered that they read cover to cover, a sensation like fire runs through their bodies, mundane memories -- not their own -- play out.

Magical Rings are vulnerable to breaking. Some Rings may break through regular use: some matter of their function uses up the "magic" contained inside the Ring. All Rings lose their durability if removed after being attuned. A Ring can only be attuned so many times before breaking -- this will occur immediately when removing a Ring for the final time. Due to these facts, Magical Rings are jealously guarded and rarely "shared" with others or even removed at all.

To those explorers that manage to discover more than one Magical Ring, donning multiple Rings is dangerous -- and foolish -- indeed. The dreams of the wearer will be strange and phantasmagorical for as long as they wear more than one Ring of Power. Those that have dared to do this, have reported that their dreams are filled with visions of ancient battles between armies of strange beasts and men. It is as if the energies in the rings were doing battle with one another, unable to settle into a peace and attune to the wearer. Only when one Ring is decided upon will the next night's sleep result in that one Ring of Power attuning itself to the wearer.


Every ring comes with up to 10 points of durability. These points can not be increased in any way. The specific way points are lost are, fortunately, limited. Every time the wearer removes the ring, for any reason, following attunement roll one six-sided die for each point of durability left on the ring. If a roll of 5 or 6 comes up, stop rolling and do not subtract a point of durability. If a roll of 1 comes up, stop rolling and subtract a point of durability. If only 2s, 3s and 4s are rolled, subtract a point of durability.

Some rings also break when triggered by certain events. In these cases, it does not matter how much durability was left on the ring. These sorts of rings will note the triggering event in its description.


Ring of Life Saving
This silver band is warm to the touch. After attunement, the wearer will be able to dull any physical pain in their body by rotating the band. In addition, if the wearer is dropped to 0 hit points for any reason, the energies in the ring will release, restoring the wearer back to the half-way mark of their base hit points. This breaks the ring in the process.

Ring of Shooting Stars
This golden ring is covered in etchings of the night sky. After attunement, the wearer will notice that their temper is quicker to anger than before. Even if the wearer had no knowledge of magic before, they will find that they can summon balls of fire from the hand the ring is worn on, as a Pyromancer. This act requires an expenditure of Willpower, just like a Magic-user casting a Full Incantation of a Spell.

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