Monday, January 7, 2013

The Iron Heart

"The Iron Heart" -- My entry into Gorgonmilk's Community Project, "D12 Sources of Magical Energy."

All initiates into the Order of the Iron Heart spend their first years studying the alchemy of metallurgy, in addition to whatever clerical or menial tasks appointed by their Magister. The first true work of magic by an initiate is the creation of their Iron Heart, the Star Regulus, out of iron and other stranger materials. It is with this talisman that they begin the second stage of their training.

The initiate begins to train with their talisman in preparation for the final rite that completes their training. The first exercises include sensing the location of their talisman without sight. Once this has been mastered, the initiate will then practice sitting across a room from their talisman while visualizing their Star Regulus moving across the floor towards them. This has been mastered when the talisman begins obeying these cognitive commands.

The final test is a 24 hour Ordeal of keeping their talisman in perfect suspension mid-air under the supervision of the Magister. Once the initiate can manipulate all the gravitational force around their Star Regulus are they ready for the final step the process -- Tuning.

The process of Tuning begins with the physical restraint of the Initiate-to-be-Adept supine in the ritual chamber. At this point certain Orders allow for numbing drugs or ointments to be applied to the initiate, but tradition dictates that this procedure be performed WITHOUT drugs of any kind so that the initiate's mind is absolutely clear.

The skin of the breast-bone is sliced open to the sternum, spread and held open with hooks. With the sternum exposed a chisel is applied to bone, shaping a depression deep enough to hold the initiate's Star Regulus. The talisman is then hammered into the depression. Once the installation is complete, the initiate is carefully sown back together, muscle and skin.

Following the Tuning the initiate is now know as an Adept, a Gyromancer.

The Order of the Iron Heart has several compounds spread across the land. Entry into its mysteries is always begun at an early age, during adolescence, after some degree of observation by members of the Order that the adolescent is a "Child of Promise" -- some latent magical ability. Adult initiates are rare, but not unheard of -- typically the result of a large sum of silver paid directly to a greedy Magister.

Example Spell:

Ahtibat's Scintillating Spear
The partial incantation of Ahtibat's Scintillating Spear brings forth a crackling shaft of pure energy into the Magician's hand. This "spear" can then be thrust as a melee weapon into any opponent within range. If the spear hits, the Magician can choose to discharge the energy to send the opponent hurtling back.
The full incantation brings forth what will appear to be a bundle of crackling spears of energy into the Magician's hand. The Magician can then hurl at this at any number of opponent's at range similar to a volley of javelins from a squad of soldiers. These jets of energy also create pulses of gravity on their landing, send the Magician's opponent's flying back.

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