Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Melee Weapons: Swords & Axes

The Westman Arming Sword
Swords: Swords are one-handed melee weapons of two general kinds: Heavy Blades and Light Blades. Light Blades benefit from the better of Agility or Strength for their bonus damage. Heavy blades benefit only from Strength. Light Blades can be used in two hands, conferring their reduction in Strength requirement for use, but without the bonus to damage scaling. Heavy Blades confer the usual bonus to damage from being used in two hands.

The Hassan Saif or Crescent Blade
The Light Blades come in two styles. Among the Westmen, the Arming Sword is the standard one-handed melee blade. From the Hassan people the Saif or Crescent Blade is a Light Blade known for its swiftness compared to the western Arming Sword.
Westman Claymore

The Heavy Blades, too, come in two standard styles. The Falchion or Broadblade is a heavier version of the Saif, whose design also comes from the Hassan culture. This broad-bladed sword swings like a Sword and cuts like an Axe. The Claymore is a sword of Westman-make: a longer and heavier version of the Arming Sword.
The Hassan Falchion or Broadblade
The Battle Axe
Axes: Axes are large, heavy blades bound to wooden or metal hafts. Axes are used to hack in a bludgeoning fashion similar to Maces and Hammers, but cut with the force of Swords. Axes are of two general kinds, one more common than the other.

The Battle Axe is the most typical of the Axes found amongst the people of Nod: a haft with a sharpened head on the end. The Battle Axe is an evolution of the simple Hatchet, but specialized for warfare.

The Sickle is a version of Axe imported from the Bantu people. A large, concave blade derived from the ancient Bantu ceremonial execution-blade which is symbolic of warrior prowess. The Execution Knife is deadlier than a Battle Axe when connecting, but heavier and more difficult to wield.
A Bantu Execution Knife or Sickle


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Westman Claymore sword is the best! Cool post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have tried to integrate some degree of real-world facts into the way weapons are in this fictional world.