Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cats of Nein

"Listen closely and I will tell you of the Cats of Nein. Cats are sacred to our Dead God, Sophia and Her Messiah, Mary the Conqueror of Nod. They have been with us since Eden as our companions and their skill at dispatching vermin made them veritable Heroes upon the Ark."

The old Priest put down his Ale and reached beneath the table to lift a great cream-colored cat onto his lap. "Valor is his name. Isn't he handsome?" The great Cat regarded the Priest with his wet eyes and purred softly.

"Now, Valor is what we call a Watcher. Watchers are the furry guardians of Mankind" As the Priest said this he rubbed the pale cat's head vigorously. His friend-Cat began purring loudly in response.

"Well, what of the Dwellers I have heard warnings about?" I asked the Priest. The cat looked at me when I said "Dweller," squinting his almond eyes as he let out a short growl.

"He doesn't know any better, Valor," the Priest addressed the cat. "Dwellers are cats with a nasty temperment. You will find them in the company of unscrupulous folks and they delight in encouraging sinful behavior."

"Encouraging. . .? How would a Cat encourage. . ." I asked.

"Ha! You have a lot to learn about Cats, my friend!" the Priest let out a loud hiccup, "Buy us another round of Ales and I will tell you more!"

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